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The property fair 2023 focuses on renovation projects and urban renewal and, as the only one, brings the entire property industry's value chain – private and public – together under one roof.

As a visitor to the Property Fair 2023, you will have the opportunity to have personal meetings with the industry's leading suppliers and take a closer look at the many innovative products and services for renovation in the form of conversion, modernization and optimized operation of the existing building stock as well as urban renewal. It is a unique opportunity to make valuable contacts.

The property fair 2023 gives visitors the opportunity to participate in the seminar program and gain the latest knowledge and insight from experts, decision makers and opinion makers.

Contact the Property Fair 2023 if you have suggestions for meetings or events in connection with a visit to the fair.

The property fair 2023 is aimed at both the private and public part of the property industry.

4 good reasons to visit The real estate fair

Find your new suppliers ​

Leading suppliers gather here with the latest products and services in operation, maintenance, energy, automation, security and much more.

Unique network

Meet colleagues from the industry and existing business partners and create new valuable contacts that you can follow up and develop further after the fair.

Seminars and debates

Deepen your knowledge and get close to developments, current debates and future visions in a setting that also invites networking and socializing.


See the latest smart property solutions and hear about the latest trends and get inspiration and ideas to develop your business in particular.


The meeting place for professional operation and development of real estate

The property fair 2023 gives you the latest knowledge and inspiration - absolutely free

The property fair will offer a range of targeted seminars that both want to share the latest knowledge and inspire the visitors to new thinking within sustainable property management, renovation and urban renewal.

Work is currently underway to put together a unique programme, where experts, opinion makers and decision makers will bring you up to date and give you inspiration and challenge conventional thinking.

You, your employees and colleagues will get close to developments, current debates and future visions in a setting that also invites networking and socializing.