Sceneprogram for den Store Scene

Maja Højgaard will talk about Future's Brøndby Beach and about urban renewal with a focus on climate, environment and community. With the ambitious urban development project, Maja Højgaard has come very close to the many challenges and opportunities that innovative urban renewal opens up.  Read more

Mette Quist talks about how important it is that we get framework conditions that make green conversion easier and long-term, and that we also get to develop solutions at eye level for the smaller property owners. Read more

As market and design manager at Lendager Group, Denmark's leading sustainable design studio, Niklas Nolsøe has made it his specialty to always think in terms of recycled building materials in construction or renovation projects. The aim is nothing less than to rethink architecture and revolutionize the way we build. Read more

Lars Bloch is the man who has been at the helm of some of Denmark's most exciting and innovative urban development projects in the past ten years. Today he will share his vast knowledge and give a look into how Jernbanebyen, as one of the first districts to be DGNB-certified at both area and building level.Read more

Facility Management (FM) is an area in rapid development, and Helle Lohmann Rasmussen will explain why FM is an important player in the green transition, social sustainability and future working life. Read more

The presentation is about why building automation plays a central role in relation to the economically sustainable agenda and includes e.g. the role of building automation in connection with the latest and upcoming authority requirements for both new and older buildings. Read more

Be inspired to look into a brighter future where we embrace the circular economy in the design of new and renovated properties. Read more

Lone Hedegaard Mortensen will tell and make the listener smarter about sustainability in construction, the meaning of the new LCA requirement, as well as what it means for the construction and property industry. Read more

Der opføres hvert år i nærheden af 500.000 kvadratmeter små skure og sociale rum i danske boligkomplekser. Derfor er det et godt sted at komme i gang med genbrugsmaterialer i stor skala. Samtidig er der store muligheder i at udvide folks bevidsthed om, hvad skure egentlig kan være – både i social, funktionel og i æstetisk forstand. Read more

Richard P. Blundell, CEO of FaunaPhotonics, to shares his insights as a front runner of the rapidly increasing recognition of the need for monitoring biodiversity. Starting from the 1st of January 2024, organizations with activities in the EU are obliged to collect, process and report data on biodiversity conditions. Furthermore, they are obligated to detail their strategies for mitigating biodiversity loss. What does this mean in practice? Read more

Almene boliger er en af nøglerne til den vellykkede blandede og klimavenlige by. Desværre står økonomi og lovgivning ofte i vejen. Et styrket samspil mellem boligselskaberne, kommunerne og de private udviklere kan skabe ny og tiltrængt synergi og samtidig lade almene boliger indgå som naturlig del af transformationen af industri og kulturarv. Read more

Construction is the world's largest end market for chemicals. This makes it difficult to reuse building materials when you do not know what they contain. A materials passport is now on the way, which will show what the building materials that property developers purchase contain. Anna Mette Monnelly, who is one of the key people behind the development of the Material Passport, talks at the Property Fair about how it will work in practice. Read more

Proptech is booming, but only about half of Danish real estate companies have a digital strategy. Here, Michael Ambjørn gives an introduction to Danish proptech and why the new technology is also important for your business. Read more

Fremtiden banker på i Brøndby. Hør sekretariatschef Lise Juul Madsen fra Brøndby Kommune fortælle om den spændende proces, hvor Team Cobe i 2022 vandt den store konkurrence om en samlet udviklingsplan for Brøndby Strand, hvor kommunen og private aktører og investorer sammen skal løfte den store opgave. Read more