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Opening hours

Wednesday 27 September at 09.00-17.00
Thursday 28 September at 09.00-16.00


Brøndby Hallen 
Brøndby Stadium 10
2605 Brøndby  


We recommend Idrættens Hus Hotel & Conference The hotel is directly connected to Brøndbyhallen.

By train
The three closest S-train stations to Brøndby Hallen are Brøndby Strand, Brøndbyøster and Glostrup. They are all 3-4 km from Brøndby Hallen.
Bus lines 13, 166 and express bus 500S run from Brøndby Strand.
Bus line 13 runs from Brøndbyøster Station
Glostrup Station runs bus lines 166 and express bus 500S
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With bus
It is easy to get to Brøndby Hallen by Bus.
Bus lines 13, 166 and express bus 500S all go to Brøndby Hallen, where the stop is called "Brøndby Hallen".
During the day, on weekdays approx. 15 buses per hour, and at the weekend there are approx. 10 per hour.
The bus lines run to the nearest S-tog stations, which are Brøndby Strand, Brøndbyøster and Glostrup. In addition, they also drive to e.g. the stations Ballerup, Husum, Hellerup, Birkerød and Ørestad.

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With car
It is easy to get to Brøndby Hallen by car.
Brøndby Hallen is both close to Holbæk motorway no. 21, Motorway Motorring 3 and Søndre Ringvej O3, and then there is up to 2,000 free parking spaces.

Holbæk motorway:
From exit 2 – Brøndbyvester, it takes approx. 4 minutes to drive to Brøndby Hallen

Motor ring 3:
Take Motorring 3 onto the Holbæk motorway and then take exit 2 – Brøndbyvester, see above

Søndre Ringvej:
At the exit from Søndre Ringvej O3 by Park Allé, it takes approx. 7 minutes
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YOUR safety – our focus

Safety has always been one of our highest priorities and we make every effort to ensure that our fairs are clean and safe places to meet and do business.

General INFO

At the fair

There is a staffed cloakroom at the fair.

There are up to 2,000 free parking spaces at Brøndby Hallen.

Pets may not be brought to the Property Fair. However, this does not apply to guide dogs.

A restaurant is attached to Brøndby Hallen, leased by Brøndby Hallen's neighbour, Idrættens Hus. The bar is set high here - both in terms of taste and nutrition. 

In the hall's 750 m² foyer, there is a café which will be open during events in the hall. The offer is a classic offer with hot/cold dishes, fruit, drinks, sweets etc

Own food and drinks
It is not permitted to bring your own or other people's food and drinks into Brøndby Hallen.

It is free to participate in the extensive seminar program with the industry's leading experts.

No, there is free access to the Property Fair for you who are in the industry. We recommend that you register in advance, so you don't have to spend time on it when you get to the fair.
You register for free here:

If you have entered incorrect contact information, please write to, then we'll change it for you. 

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