Exhibitor information

How is the Property Fair marketed?

The property fair is marketed both online and offline in a strong mix of own channels, relevant industry & business media and partners' channels. It is also really important that you, as an exhibitor, contribute to attracting visitors to the fair. We are happy to help you with the marketing material you need. We are also happy to post guest articles, news from your company and activities on our website and social media. We also work with, among other things:

  • Cooperation with industry associations
  • Advertisements and editorials in industry media.
  • Digital advertising
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Sending digital invitations
  • Invitation and information via partners, sponsors and exhibitors

Do you want to join via our channels? Or do you need marketing material? Contact anna.kruse@numeramassor.com

Joint marketing

As an exhibitor and partner, we hope that you will contribute to ensuring the greatest possible interest in your stand and maximize the opportunities that the fair creates by attracting visitors to your stand and spreading the word about the Property Fair in your company's channels and networks.

– Spread your participation in your company's own channels. As part of the exhibitor package, visual material is included to post on LinkedIn, in your newsletters and on the website with your company name integrated into the design.

-Invite your customers and your network to the fair. We are happy to help with invitations.

-Follow the Property Fair on LinkedIn.

-Write an editorial post on social media. It can be a current problem, a hot topic or an exciting case, which we can then share on our website, social media or via our newsletter. Author and company will stand as ready sender. The submission must take up a maximum of 1 A4 page and must be sent to anna.kruse@numeramassor.com

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Exhibitor information

Moving in
Tuesday 26 September at 08.00-22.00
Wednesday 27 September at 07.00-09.00

Move out
Thursday 28 September at 16.15-22.00

Opening hours for exhibitors
Wednesday 27 September at 08.00-17.00
Thursday 28 September at 08.00-16.00

Opening hours for visitors
Wednesday 27 September at 09.00-17.00
Thursday 28 September at 09.00-16.00

As a booked exhibitor, you will be contacted by our partner Trippus, who is responsible for the exhibitor portal. They will provide you with login details for the exhibitor portal and tell you how it can help you. It primarily gives you access to the fair, and you can also register the colleagues who will be working at the stand. If you need to get in touch with Trippus, please get in touch Daniel Qvarforth

We are working to put together an exciting and interesting seminar programme, and we welcome suggestions about relevant topics/cases and presenters. Contact Anne Schöldtz Bjerregaard, anne.bjerregaard@numeramassor.com

Trippus lead generator

It is possible to purchase a function that makes it easy to scan and qualify leads via the mobile phone. Scan your visitors' contact information directly from the QR codes on their nameplates and easily supplement with interest in your products/services etc. This gives you access to simple follow-up of your leads both in real time and after the fair. Login information for the exhibitor portal is sent directly to you via an email from Trippus with further instructions.

Registration of stand staff

You register your stand staff via the exhibitor portal, which you get access to when you have booked your stand. For questions please contact daniel.qvarforth@trippus.com