a:gain ApS

Waste-based building elements and interiors at scale

We develop, innovate, produce and deliver products for the professional built environment

ABC Consulting Engineers

We are consulting engineers within load-bearing structures and specialize in new construction, renovation and transformation. Through interdisciplinary project management, we collaborate with a network of specialized consulting engineers across disciplines and can thus offer all types of consulting services within construction. We call this concept Competence-based Consulting.

AMTech ApS

Tired of calcium nuisance?

The lime crusher (AMTech) solves limescale problems in everything from housing companies, cooperatives and housing associations, institutions, villas, terraced houses and waterworks, etc. The device is placed outside the water pipe and sends signals into the water, causing the lime to precipitate as powder (aragonite). instead of the more stubborn limestone (calcite).

No installation or operating costs!

Andersen & Nielsen A/S

The trading company andersen & nielsen as has for almost 100 years focused on the distribution and consulting of products in primarily two areas: the kitchen industry and the construction industry. For private kitchens, we have specialized in the area around the kitchen sink, while for commercial kitchens we spread over a wider spectrum. We serve the construction industry with tools for construction, from vacuum cleaners to measuring tools to classic high-quality hand tools.

Andersen & Heegaard A/S

Andersen & Heegaard is an interdisciplinary engineering house with roots that go back 200 years in history.
Our technical field of expertise is wide-ranging, and we can advise and deliver technical installations in any building.


Aqua Danmark A/S was founded in 2016, when it was allowed to remove lime from the water in Danish homes. Since then, we have worked purposefully to offer a wide range of softening plants and other water treatment plants for both private and commercial customers. Aqua Danmark A/S is one of Denmark's leading companies in the sale of water treatment plants for private homes and businesses.

Aquatex Water Management aps

We are set in the world to be able to solve our customers' challenges with water quality and clogged pipes - FAST.

Since 2001, we have continuously developed our methods and products towards being able to detect, combat and prevent bacteria and coatings as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We serve business throughout Denmark and Northern Europe.

Arne Pedersen A/S

We assist with everything within bricklaying, painting, joinery & carpentry, glass, playgrounds
& much more.

Quality, interaction and good working conditions go hand in hand at Arne Pedersen A/S. Our employees stay with us for many years. We are pleased that the company, based on skilled employees, continues in the 2nd generation.

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Denmark A/S

We are the world's leading supplier of access solutions based on end users' needs for security and safety.


Innovative solutions for securing and opening the door.


At B3D, we offer digitization and drone services for the general and municipal sector. We are leaders in this area and our team has been responsible for the digitization of more than 3,000 properties or 25,000,000 m2 of land area. This gives you access to the country's most experienced team, who have worked in this industry for many years.

Bango A/S

Denmark's largest specialist store within doors, windows and gates.

Part of our business philosophy is to have the largest selection in stock and the best prices in Denmark. Several of our products are sold with a price guarantee, without us compromising on quality. We sell directly from the warehouse or buy up large lots, and can thereby offer you very good prices for good quality.

Bærebyg ApS

With its unique expertise, Bærebyg wants to contribute to both a sustainable and more environmentally friendly approach to usable building materials and all the building-related products that are surplus from demolition, rebuilding, renovations and the like in the West Jutland area.


(BEAS is one of the Nordics' leading suppliers of, among other things, payment solutions, supply stands, ticket machines and access control systems for marinas, campsites, amusements, laundries, associations & properties.)

BEAS offers a wide selection and complete solutions for rental properties, co-operatives and owner associations. Including access & payment solutions for property laundry, shared facilities, complete charging & payment solutions for electric cars, bicycles & scooters.

BEAS is a specialist in access & payment solutions and offers solutions with coin/token, card, code, app/mobile payment and contactless credit card payment, all depending on budget, the tenants'/users' technological ability and wishes in relation to self-service and administration level. We put together a solution based on your exact needs.

We follow the development and present regular software updates so that your solution reaches into the future. Professional industrial designers ensure quality in material selection and design. With a BEAS solution, you thus get a Danish-produced quality product that pays off.

Beckhoff Automation ApS

Beckhoff develops open automation systems based on PC-based control technology. The product range includes the main areas of industrial PC, I/O and fieldbus components, drive technology, automation software, automation without a control panel and hardware for industrial image processing. Product lines are offered for all areas, which can both function as individual components, but which can also be combined with each other to form a completely coordinated control system. Our New Automation Technology stands for universal and industry-independent control and automation solutions that are used in the most diverse applications worldwide – from CNC-controlled machine tools to intelligent building control.


Bekey A/S

Bekey is Denmark's leading supplier of secure, digital access solutions that make every day smarter for both professionals and private individuals. We focus on creating innovation in areas where the physical key can easily be replaced with a more secure and digital solution.

BR Technik Secure4u

Protection from basement to roof.

Security as a need is very different from task to task, there are no standard solutions that suit everyone's needs. That's why we work with the many possibilities that exist within security and whether it requires a new product or a new focus area, it becomes part of our solution proposal.

Secure4u is part of BR Teknik Cph ApS.



Brunata A/S

Brunata Smart Building is a brand new subscription-based collection of monitoring services that help keep your properties healthy and your residents safe.

Brunata supports the green transition by promoting change.

We bring cleantech to households across Europe and bridge the gap between market expectations and the realization of the benefits.

With a data-driven approach to energy consumption in private and public buildings, owners and administrators can reduce CO₂ emissions, save resources, make the buildings healthier and improve the quality of life for the residents.

Casi Technology A/S

Casi Technology has Denmark's best heat, water and energy meters - and of course distribution accounts. We have many years of experience in installing water and heat meters and making correct, clear distribution accounts.
Above all, our products can and must help to reduce global energy consumption.

City Technology

Specialist in charging solutions for electric cars

Authorized electrical installer with 35 years of experience in the electrical trade and 10 years of experience in designing and offering charging solutions for electric cars. Have made designs and tenders for + 100 locations that today supply thousands of cars. Have done a structured "everyday test" of all electric cars on the market. Supply and implementation of GPS in all vehicles in a municipal organisation.

Daloc Denmark

Since 1942, every door we have produced has had an important purpose. To stop thieves and noise, explosions and gunshots, fires and deadly fire gases. To increase comfort and safety in homes and schools, in hotels and in arenas. To save lives.

In the same way that our doors have a purpose, so does our company: to help our customers succeed in their projects.

Solid knowledge, great commitment and long experience mean that we not only lead the development of classified doors. But that we are also a good business partner for anyone who needs first-class doors.

Dansani A/S

At Dansani, we see the bathroom as the most important room in the home. It hardly gets more personal. That is why we also think that you should be allowed to play with your creativity and our bathroom furniture, shower and lighting when you decorate your bathroom.
It's not every day you get a new bathroom. Therefore, it must be exactly as you want it. With delicious Danish design and intelligent functionality, with Dansani you get a complete bathroom that lures you out of bed every morning and fills you with a wonderful feeling of wellness.


DanTaet A/S

DanTaet has been on the leakage protection market for more than 35 years. In that time, we have designed, developed and produced 7 generations of leak protection systems. Our focus has always been on delivering the best possible product. That is why we also collaborate with some of the market's biggest and strongest players when we have to choose the components for our leak prevention systems. We value quality and longevity over price – all to ensure the lowest possible total costs for our customers.

As documentation for our imbued quality assurance, we can only point to the 1st generation systems that are still running more than 30 years after they were delivered.

Data Incorporated ApS

Data Inc. delivers data quality to the Danish real estate industry.

We develop customized data platforms on a unique, consumption-based business model. Recognizing that most projects that rely on high-quality data fail, we believe in providing the solid foundation that is often overlooked.

With our platform, we can deliver the hard, invisible data work of collecting, cleaning and preparing our customers' existing data, to ensure that they actually succeed in their data-driven ambition going forward - while at the same time gaining an overview of their business and internal processes

Doorphone Teamet ApS

We are experts in intercom, and have a check on everything that moves on the market. Over the past decade, we have helped a great many housing associations, as well as many, many private homes, with the right solution for door phones. Whether you prefer a completely classic system, where you can easily and simply unlock the front door by pressing a button, or you prefer the more advanced door phones, with integrated camera and screen, we have the system for you.

Electro Energy A/S

Electro Energy has supplied Denmark with heat since 1964. From the morning bath to the evening coffee. In the beginning with machines as big as tanks. Today with high-performance boilers, solar collectors and heat pumps. We cover Denmark from east to west, with branches in Glostrup, Aalborg and Kolding. We have one of Denmark's largest warehouses of spare parts and an internationally accredited laboratory.

Everything you call a hassle, we handle that for you.

Elite Insurance ApS

Elite Security is your professional partner when it comes to security and locking systems in your business and in your home. With a focus on quality, safety and service, we offer a wide range of services that make your business and your home safer.

If you need a skilled and experienced partner in security solutions, we can help with, among other things: access control, alarm system, locking system, door automation, monitoring, door telephony, and much more.

Ento Labs ApS

Great energy savings.
Less manual work.

Get lower operating costs and less CO2 emissions in your buildings by letting artificial intelligence find and document the most effective energy improvements.


Enyday ApS

Collective solar cells and joint purchases from the electricity grid – all controlled with an app

We offer an app and automated solution for operating energy communities, which makes it easier to have large shared solar cells across homes and settle electricity consumption.


At FaunaPhotonics, we believe in the power of insects. Insects pollinate flora, they keep soils healthy, and provide a vital source of food for fish, birds, and small mammals. A healthy insect population means a healthy forest, meadow, wetland, city park or green roof. By monitoring flying insects, we provide the data you need to ensure that your biodiversity restoration and conservation efforts are successful.


Fejekosten Ejendomsservice APS

Professional property service for associations and businesses.

Property service in Copenhagen and the surrounding area with stable quality.
Get service from our experienced and skilled employees.

Fejekosten Ejendomsservice has assembled a force of good employees, the sum of those employees' experience and the tone and the community, which means that we have the good teams and cores of professional people who are ready to move out and are constantly improving what they do because they have the skills and willingness to learn new things.


Flow Loop ApS

Water is a precious resource that we cannot take for granted. Therefore, it is necessary that we do not let water go to waste, but recycle it when possible.

LOOP provides a fantastic bathing experience and a clear conscience. Enjoy a high flow of 12 liters of water/min. and a stable water temperature that does not change while you bathe. You decide whether you want to recirculate the water or not. All it takes is a light push on our specially designed drain grate.

FM Mattsson Mora Group Denmark

With our innovative technical solutions and 150 years of experience, we develop, produce and deliver solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and gardens. Both for public and private buildings.

For us, sustainability means seeing the whole and showing environmental awareness throughout the entire production chain. That is why we start with ourselves, at our own factory in Mora by focusing on the small environmental challenges in everyday life. When we manufacture our faucets and shower fittings, we take as many environmental considerations as possible into every phase – from design and material selection to production, transport, use and recycling.


We are a modern company that deals with everything within outdoor tasks. As one of the first in our field, we have more than 40 years of experience and 2,000 construction projects behind us. We solve all tasks professionally and on time! These are typically tasks within earthworks, nature restoration, water construction, green maintenance and smooth road control that we solve.

Frese A/S

At Frese, we work closely with our suppliers, partners and customers to deliver innovative flow control and component solutions to our target markets worldwide.

Frese Gruppen, is a foundry with extensive experience and a leading manufacturer of quality valves, controls and fittings for the global market segments HVAC, plumbing, district heating/cooling, marine and industry.

Fuglsang Algeservice ApS

At Fuglsang Algeservice, we are specialists in cleaning, algae treatment and impregnation rooffacades/masonry and tiles. Our work is carried out with the utmost care to be sure that the quality is top notch. We help both private individuals and businesses.

We combine efficiency, quality and the environment in our work.

G. Funder A/S

We offer a wide selection of ropes, liners, brushes, brooms and brushes and other do-it-yourself equipment as well as a wide range of electrical and plumbing products for hardware stores, the retail trade and supermarket chains.

GreenDozer.com ApS

GreenDozer is the first online platform for all professional suppliers of recycled goods. Recycled goods will, among other things, be everything from the decomposers' large quantities of building materials to the craftsman's surplus from various construction projects to the kitchen companies' exhibition kitchens. The ambition is to bring everything together in one place, so that the product range and quantities become so large that architects, consultants, builders, craftsmen and private do-it-yourselfers can all find the products they are looking for for their building project.

At GreenDozer today you can find recycled goods and brand new basic and surplus goods. In addition, we sell recycled building materials, where our suppliers use used materials in production to create a new product.

Grohe A/S

GROHE is one of the world's leading brands in fittings for kitchens and complete sanitary solutions for bathrooms. Since 2014, GROHE has been part of LIXIL together with a number of other leading key brands that produce ground-breaking water and home products. In order to offer "Pure Freude an Wasser", which is GROHE's slogan, each product is based on the brand's values of quality, technology, design and sustainability.

GROHE creates and produces intelligent and life-enhancing solutions through its dedicated portfolios: GROHE QuickFix, GROHE Professional and the premium sub-brand, GROHE SPA. All of these meet the specific needs of GROHE's professional business partners and their differentiated target groups.

Guldager A/S

Guldager A/S are specialists in water treatment. We use many decades of experience and the very latest knowledge and technology. Every day, we provide clean and efficient service and process water for e.g. HORECA, industry and offshore.

Guldager offers all types of corrosion protection and water treatment for utility water, process water in industry and offshore. Guldager also has a well-branched service network in Denmark.


Heto ApS

At HETO, we specialize in being your permanent craft partner. In addition to our own staff of skilled carpenters and joiners, we work closely with experienced subcontractors in all trades; Construction management, Carpentry contracts, Renovation tasks, Ongoing maintenance, Remodeling, New furnishing of properties.


Hudevad Radiator Design A/S

At Hudevad, we decided a long time ago that our radiator design should be more than just a source of heat. Our radiator designs are all made with a simple and timeless expression, where we give you plenty of options for shapes and sizes. In this way, we give you the opportunity to choose whether the radiator should function as an eye-catcher in your decor, whether it should be emphasized or whether the radiator should slide into the background, be stored in a piece of furniture, built into the wall or have a function as a bench or function as a wardrobe.

Idealcombi A/S

Idealcombi is a Danish window manufacturer that develops, manufactures and sells windows and doors in wood/aluminium.

With us, "good enough" is never good enough. Time and time again, we have found new solutions in our pursuit of the perfect window.

Our windows are developed, tested and produced at our window factory in Hurup, Thy.

As one of Denmark's largest and most well-consolidated window manufacturers, we supply a wide range of high-quality, customized products to the home and abroad.

Production is divided between 3 window factories/production halls, where we produce some of the industry's best windows.

ID service

IDservice has many years of experience with implementation and
operation / maintenance of Denmark's largest card systems.

We are an experienced team who have been working with the installation and repair of Fargo/HID card printers since 1999.
Installation of software and exchange of data for, for example:
Access control systems (ADK), copy and print systems, canteen systems, time registration, guest systems etc.
Software for coding magnetic stripe, chip and mifare cards etc.

ILOQ Danmark ApS

First there was a solution which was based on a digital key. Then a mobile phone-based solution came along. Now there is one very intelligent and simple solution that manages multiple locking systems while minimizing your lifetime costs.

Intelligent locking systems for all areas. No matter what type of property you manage and no matter what locking and access management challenges you face, the iLOQ 5 Series always offers a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Jasa Company A/S

Jasa Company A/S sells quality products to the construction sector both in Denmark and the Nordic countries. The product range is broad and consists, among other things, of a well-stocked program of fittings for doors, windows, kitchens etc. In addition, we carry a wide range to secure your home.

Jasafe products consist of locks, cylinders and accessories for securing apartments, private homes, rental properties and commercial buildings.

Jublo ApS

Jublo is an online communication platform aimed at craftsmen, manufacturers and housing associations.

As a customer, you have the option of having a portal tailored to suit your company's wishes and needs.

Lacuna A/S

Lacuna is a Danish company that develops and produces folding doors at its own factory in Langeskov. With the ambition to make the world's best folding door, Lacuna focuses on high insulation, tightness and safety, as well as design and quality. A folding door from Lacuna has a lifespan of 30-50 years.

An ordinary terrace door or lift-and-slide door cannot compare with a folding door from Lacuna, which can be opened up to 90% of width, where a traditional lift-and-slide door can only be opened approx. 45% of the width.

Lagur A/S

LAGUR® was created to give all private and professional consumers of water an easier everyday life without limescale problems - and without compromising on the water's natural, healthy and tasty properties.
LAGUR was created to benefit the green transition and directly supports several of the UN's World Goals.

LindInvent ApS

Our whole-house solutions for demand management of properties.

Do you know the expression "shooting for the house sparrows"? We do. That is why we work with demand management of ventilation, lighting and sun shading. Why waste a lot of energy on an empty room? We work with intelligent systems to create and maintain an optimal and sustainable indoor climate by adjusting air volume and the need for extra cooling or supplemental heating. A winning concept!

Malmbergs Elektriske A/S

Malmbergs Sweden started its current business in 1981, when the company changed its status to an import, agency and trading company with its own distribution and wholesale sales of electrical items to electrical installers, wholesalers and industry. In recent years, Malmbergs has increased its efforts to develop its own branded goods, EMV, by increasing backward integration in the manufacturing stage, with investments in both product development and design.

Maxplay ApS

A playground spreads joy

Do you have a school yard that needs to be renovated, or a housing association where new playground equipment needs to be installed. Or does the existing playground need a boost? So let Maxplay tailor a solution that meets your needs. We are a playground supplier, and making dreams come true is our most important task. We are based in Køge, but our inspectors travel all over Denmark.

Together with our customers, we want to create playgrounds with a balance between quality, economy and safety that meet our customers' wishes and expectations. We will be your preferred playground supplier when improving Denmark's outdoor environments, where there must be space for all age groups.

Modul-System HH A/S

Modul-System is one of the world's leading manufacturers of interior solutions for service vehicles. The head office is in Sweden, and we have 10 subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. In addition, we have a worldwide network of business partners, and the products are sold in 50 countries worldwide.

Nanostone A/S

Nanostone is Denmark's leader in special cleaning and surface treatment.
The company had its first experiments with cleaning tiles back in 2008, when tile plague was relatively unknown and had only just begun to seriously affect the Danes' tiles.

Today, Nanostone provides several services, but focuses on the fact that our services must mainly surround the property outside and they must be tasks where our customers have a need and where it may be futile to continue.

Navergruppen A/S

NaverGruppen specializes in roofs & facades and has Denmark's largest warehouse of long-lasting products made of zinc, copper and aluminium. We sell natural slate and other sustainable products such as Sedum roofs, grass roofs and circular roofing products etc.

Regardless of whether you require standard or individual products, NaverGruppen is ready to help.

We associate the genuine product with nature's own beautifully patinated materials: zinc, copper, aluminum and natural slate with the addition of good craftsmanship. In recent years, we have focused on expanding the product range with sustainable solutions such as green roofs.

Our passion for quality and the noble natural materials we have in common with Naversvenden, who sets out to work with classic buildings in Europe. In this way, the Naversvenden passes on his knowledge of materials and traditions and the professional knowledge is improved for the benefit of others.

Next ApS

Next is a circular design and construction company that supplies the market's best sheds in recycled materials and with a high level of service to customers and business partners.

In this way, we want to make it easy – and quite common for the client to make the right and responsible choice

Niras A/S

As one of Scandinavia's leading consulting engineering companies, we can offer to solve a wide range of challenges in connection with operation and maintenance - what we colloquially call Digital Operations Optimization:

Facility management, digitization of buildings (Administration, conversions, lists of quantities for tenders / BBR update and land inventory when buying and selling / Services: Digitization of drawings, 3D scanning and modelling, photo registration, etc.)

Building inspection with drone (In connection with maintenance, due diligence, etc.)

Energy operation (Calculation of solar cell potential / Inspection of facilities)

Wire registration

Green registration/biodiversity


Optinor er landsdækkende leverandør og installatør af innovative kvalitetsløsninger i glas og til glas. Vi udspringer af virksomhederne Nordisk Solfilm / Solfilm.dk og Nordic Glass Security, som vi samler i et hus med fokus på funktionelle og æstetiske løsninger til opgradering af glas. Vi arbejder med markedets beste brands som 3M og Stila.

We deliver:

  • Film solutions that reduce solar heat from 3M
  • Quality sun protection from Stila
  • Safety film from 3M and Haverkamp
  • Safety glass from Hammerglass
  • Design solutions for glass from 3M Fasara
  • Design solutions for walls and furniture from 3M Di Noc and Coverstyl´
  • Privacy film against wiretapping and logging.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Outrup Windows & Doors A/S

All our windows and doors are manufactured at Mors in Northwest Jutland by competent and passionate employees who work every day to fulfill our customers' wishes for customized solutions and odd measurements. We take pride in continuing the proud Danish craft traditions and preserving and developing healthy Danish workplaces.

Petro-Chem A/S

Petro-Chem A/S is a dynamic lubricating oil company with a strong focus on our customers' needs and lubrication strategy. Petro-Chem has a very clear strategy, to deliver the absolute best quality products on the market. Our main product area is lubricating oils and greases, where Petro-Chem is the only authorized distributor for Petro-Canada Lubricants in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Proline Danmark ApS

Proline Group is the market leader in pipe renovation in properties. We offer efficient, flexible solutions for the repair of rain and waste water lines as flexibly and cheaply as possible for both homeowners and residents. With our in-house developed Proline method, we renovate old pipes by injecting plastic into them. Alternatively, we use our Prosoc method, where we tilt a flexible liner – a sock – into existing pipes.

Recover ApS

Recover is today the Nordic region's largest industrial and claims services group with over 2,000 employees, of which approx. 330 dedicated employees in Denmark. Our business areas have developed over time, and in Denmark range widely within claims service, industrial service, marine service, indoor air conditioning service as well as a wide range of sewer and heavy flush work and handyman service.


Rubæk & Co. A/S

We are a total supplier of equipment for environmentally sound source sorting and waste management and today have Scandinavia's largest product range of machines and equipment, both for indoor and outdoor use.

Our product range ranges from containers, compactors, cardboard presses, 2- and 4-wheeled containers, buried waste systems, equipment for waste management and service. In addition, we sell products made of 100 % recycled plastic, such as furniture for parks and urban spaces.


Schneider Electric A/S

Schneider Electric is a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation. From advice on energy efficiency and digitization to optimizing the life cycle of your assets, we can offer the solutions that meet your needs. Our technologies focus on the green transition and help you become more energy efficient and reduce costs.

SCtronics / Sawux

SCtronics has developed a wide range of innovative indoor climate sensors (Sawux) that stand out from the competition in several ways. Our sensors not only offer advanced monitoring of the indoor climate, but also in-depth analysis and automatic adjustment – unique combinations that our competitors find difficult to match. The wide functionality gives customers an opportunity to achieve an optimal indoor climate at a significantly lower price than the alternatives on the market.


Skovgaard & Berg ApS

Welcome to Skovgaard & Berg ApS

We help keep Denmark clean

We offer cleaning and finishing of almost all surfaces such as

Facade cleaning with subsequent algae treatment and impregnation
Deep floor cleaning without the use of chemicals (NEW)
Tile cleaning with subsequent algae treatment and impregnation
Cleaning of wooden terraces with subsequent oiling
Cleaning of boats/bridges
General algae treatment of roofs, tiles, facades etc

We carry out tasks for businesses, institutions and private individuals

Skovgaard & Berg ApS is part of the Mand & Bil network which consists of approx. 116 self-employedcompanies that operate under a common logo and have joint purchasing agreements for the benefit of our customers.

Solar Danmark A/S

We focus on energy-efficient solutions and offer the industry's best services when it comes to sustainable use of resources. For the benefit of the environment. For our customers. And for Solar.

Sørskår Mekaniske Verksted A/S

Since the start in 1980, we have built up solid experience and expertise in mechanical processing and production. Through ever new and demanding assignments, we have developed a broad range of products and services, and we are today a solid partner in mechanical production, construction and product development, as well as in the field of automation and robotics.

The majority of products are made of aluminium, plastic or acid-proof steel. Our long experience and solid knowledge of aluminum means that we often call ourselves "aluminium specialists". But we also have the expertise and equipment to produce in most other metals and hard materials.

Swedoor Jeldwen Danmark A/S

JELD-WEN is among the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of interior and exterior doors, windows and related construction products for new construction, conversions and renovations. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the company operates facilities in 16 countries in North America and Europe, and employs approximately 18,000 people globally. JELD-WEN® includes brands such as LaCantina™ and VPI™ in North America; and DANA® in Europe.

In Denmark, interior and exterior doors are produced under the Swedoor® brand. Our range consists of internal doors, external doors, sliding doors, noise-reducing doors, security doors, energy-friendly doors, steel doors and custom-made doors.

Since 1960, we have been committed to providing quality products that create safe and sustainable environments for our customers, employees and the local community.

TTE Plastic


We offer sustainable products with climate and environmental friendliness

solutions for outdoor installations.


We are a company with more than 25 years of experience in the sale of materials for outdoor installations throughout Scandinavia - the Faroe Islands - Iceland - Greenland - Africa. TTE Plast exclusively offers sustainable products for climate-friendly solutions in construction and green facilities. All products are made from recycled plastic and recycled rubber, as we put the climate and the environment first.